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Advocacy and Outreach Interest Group

Purpose of the Advocacy and Outreach Interest Group
Social service remains one of the most underfunded, misunderstood, and underappreciated fields of work. In order to strengthen the workforce and improve the lives of children and families, greater planning, development and support is needed to this frontline workforce. This interest group will discuss how to support the workforce in being more vocal and sharing a common global message to advocate for this workforce. The group is currently assessing what tools and resources currently exist and where there are gaps. An immediately identified need is for the development of key messages that individuals can use to advocate to stakeholders groups to explain the impact and value of this workforce. The group has drafted these messages and is now seeking wider input toward finalizing and distributing.

Description and Overview
Alliance members and professionals with experience in advocacy, communications, marketing and event planning held an initial planning call in January 2019 to discuss scope, activities, operation and specific deliverables for launching an interest group on advocacy and outreach aimed at increasing advocacy efforts for the social service workforce. Sarah Neville, PhD student at Boston College and Sarah Johnson, Knowledge & Communications Specialist, Better Care Network, and Nicole Brown, Deputy Director, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance are currently leading the activities of this group and welcome additional individuals to help co-chair this interest group.

Joining the Interest Group
Please register on this page for the interest group if you wish to receive further updates and participate. Please click on "subscribe to this group" below after logging in. For trouble logging in or to be added to the list for updates if you're not yet a member, please email the Alliance.

Aprl Meeting Update
Initial Work Planning
The co-chairs met to discuss next steps and determined that a good first step is to collect existing resources on this topic into a toolkit for wider use, but also to help gauge where there are gaps we may wish to address in the future.

The group is seeking any and all materials related to advocacy for the social service workforce. These could be:

  • A/V materials: Promotional videos, public service announcements, radio announcements
  • Resources, guides, and booklets - any gray literature
  • Presentations: PowerPoints, lectures, speeches, speaking points
  • Case studies: Success stories, emotional narratives, worker profiles

Please share your resources by emailing them to Sarah by April 3, 2019. Download the flyer to share with your networks to help in gathering these resources. 

Read the notes from the calls held on March 7, 2019 and the initial planning call held on January 29, 2019.
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Flyer for Requesting Advocacy Tools and Materials

Download the flyer to share with your networks for requesting submissions of advocacy tools.

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Notes from March 7 2019 Call

These are the notes from the group call held on March 7, 2019

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Group Call Notes from January 29 2019

Read the notes from the initial planning call held on January 29, 2019.

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