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Interest Groups

The following interest groups are active on the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance website.

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Advocacy and Outreach Interest Group

Social service remains one of the most underfunded, misunderstood, and underappreciated fields of work. In order to strengthen the workforce and improve the lives of children and families, greater planning, development and support is needed to this frontline workforce. 

Description and Overview
Alliance members and...

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Case Management Interest Group

This group has completed its workplan.

The purpose of this Interest Group was to share information and experiences on case management and the role of the social service workforce. A full description of this group is ...

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Para Professionals in the Social Service Workforce

This group has completed its workplan.

This Interest Group explored and consolidated perspectives and key considerations concerning the role of this category of workers. For more information, see a description of this group ...

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Supervision and the Social Service Workforce

Join to participate in the exchange of information and development of new tools related to supervision and the social service workforce. The group held initial planning calls in March and April 2020 and a survey was sent to group members to narrow the focus of the group's work. Sub-groups are currently forming to support specific tool...

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