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COVID-19: Wellbeing and Self Care Resources for Carers and Practitioners

This briefing explores the importance of self-care for parents and carers, while outlining some ‘top-tips’ and helpful resources that can be accessed online. it is important to remember that self-care practices in their varying forms can offer people an important space to focus, process emotions ...

‘When will I be free’: Lessons of COVID-19 for Child Protection in South Africa

COVID-19 has highlighted and amplified structural inequalities; drawing attention to issues of racism, poverty, xenophobia as well as arguably ineffective government policies and procedures. In South Africa, the pandemic and the resultant national lockdown has highlighted the shortcomings in the...

COVID-19 SYNTHESIS #4 - Children’s Participation

This evidence synthesis analyses emerging practices and preliminary guidance for engaging children in the response to CP challenges during the various stages of COVID-19 and other infectious disease outbreaks (e.g. Ebola). It explores both barriers and opportunities to the meaningful and authentic...

Guidance for Alternative Care Provision during COVID-19

Practical guidance on the adaptations and considerations needed to support children in alternative care or entering alternative care during COVID-19.

The Hidden Impact of COVID-19 on Child Protection and Wellbeing

A new child protection thematic report shows the impact of COVID-19 on child protection, including increased incidences of GBV and increased stressors. The report calls for government leaders and decision-makers to increase efforts to protect children from the impacts of COVID-19 by designating the...

Responding to the Shadow Pandemic: Taking stock of gender-based violence risks and responses during COVID-19

This child protection brief details the growing magnitude of child protection and gender-based violence issues resulting from COVID-19. It highlights the essential role of the social service workforce in promotive, preventative and responsive services, and calls on governments to ensure their...

Protecting Children from Violence in the Time of COVID-19: Disruptions in prevention and response services

Social service professionals must also be acknowledged as a critical part of the COVID-19 response for children.

Ethical Challenges Faced by Social Workers during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Research findings highlight strong commonalities on the challenges that social workers are facing as essential workers in the fight against COVID-19.

Global Status Report on Preventing Violence Against Children 2020

The Global status report on preventing violence against children 2020 charts countries’ progress towards the SDGs aimed at ending violence against children.

Keeping Children Safe in Uganda COVID-19 Response

This briefing paper by the "Joining Forces" coalition of ChildFund, Plan International, Save the Children, SOS Children's Villages, Terre des Hommes and World Vision details the increasing impacts of violence, GBV and MHPSS on children and issues messages to governments and donors on actions they...