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Skills and Professional Practices for the Consolidation of the Support Group Model to Foster Families

Participatory action-research with professionals working in child protection systems throughout Spain highlights the importance of development of competencies and training for working in foster care and establishing supportive relationships with the families.

Competencias y prácticas profesionales para la consolidación del modelo de apoyo grupal a las familias acogedoras

The Clinical Management of Children and Adolescents who have Experienced Sexual Violence

This guide includes Technical Considerations on post-rape care for persons under the age of 18 in primary health centers that also provide HIV care.

Eligibility for Social Services: Social policy development in an international context

The purpose(s) of this article are to: (1) propose a functional framework for understanding and impacting the basic social policy development processes; (2) review and discuss concepts and perspectives of service eligibility as a seminal element of social policy and services delivery with consideration of the factors and forces, which influence service eligibility definitions and applications within social policy development processes; (3) illustrate the range of national socio-economic indicators of social priorities and policy development; and (4) propose implications for social work prof

Investing in Children and Families to Avoid Unnecessary Separation (Français and Español)

S’Engager pour les Enfants et les Familles Afin d’é Viter la Séparation - Aujourd’hui, il est évident que les acteurs de la prise en charge des enfants et  des familles devraient s’engager d’avantage pour les enfants et les familles pour permettre leur développement harmonieux et leur participation au sein de la communauté. En Afrique, la société civile est de plus en plus active dans le mouvement encourageant l’investissement en matière de l’enfance et des familles afin de prévenir toute séparation inutile des membres de la famille.

Care Groups: A Training Manual for Program Design and Implementation (Français and Español)

Care Groups: Un Manuel de Formation pour l’Élaboration et la Mise en œuvre de Programme
Ce manuel a été élaboré comme une ressource de formation pour l’élaboration, la formation, la mise en œuvre et le suivi des programmes de Care Groups.

Manual de Entrenamiento para Diseño e Emplementación de Programas Fue Desarrollado
Este manual fue desarrollado como un recurso de capacitación para el diseño, formación, implementación y monitoreo de programas de Grupos de Cuidado.

Make Me a Change Agent: A Multisectoral SBC Resource for Community Workers and Field Staff

Available in English, Francais and Espanol, these lessons seek to build the skills of community-level workers, including lessons for workers on the ground to use communication, storytelling, and other techniques to promote behavior change in international development.

Ces leçons ont visent à renforcer les compétences des travailleurs communautaires, par example la communication et les contes, qui peuvent aider un agent de développement dans n’importe quel secteur à devenir un agent de changement de comportement beaucoup plus efficace.

The Place of Foster Care in the Continuum of Care Choices - A review of the evidence for policymakers

Foster care can be an important part of the continuum of care choices for children. When foster care is administered appropriately, with the proper mechanisms, structures and resources, it allows children to remain in a loving and caring family while authorities work towards family reintegration or permanent alternatives. 

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