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Social Service Workforce Week

Social Service Workforce Week 2016

Social Service Workforce Week will be held September 26 - 30. This year’s theme is “Building the Case for a Stronger Social Service Workforce.” Daily blogs will review the reasons a stronger workforce is needed to best care for vulnerable populations, and how this can be achieved. Each day a question will be posed in the blog to generate a discussion on the topic, share promising practices and cultivate innovative approaches. Responses to the discussion questions will be accessible on the discussion boards on the Alliance’s website. Read each day's blog below.

Learn More and Join Our Efforts
Read more about the social service workforce and how they're improving outcomes for vulnerable children and families. The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance was formed in 2013 in order to convene people, advance knowledge and advocate to strengthen the social service workforce. Read more about our mission and history, then become a member of our growing network and help us raise awareness.

Social Service Workforce Week 2015

In 2015, Social Service Workforce Week was celebrated from September 21 - 25, 2015. The theme of the week focused on the role of community level workers. Read the daily blogs to learn more about this important aspect of work.

There were many excellent examples of how other organizations promoted the week and shared resources in 2015 about the para professional workforce.

Social Service Workforce Week 2014

The first Social Service Workforce week was held in April 2014 as a means to raise awareness for the Alliance and garner support from members, organizations and the public around the issue and importance of social service workforce strengthening. A blog and other resources were released each day during the week.

Read the blog posts from each day: