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Social Service Workforce Week - Day Five

The theme for Day Five is Making sure the workforce has the support it needs.

Take a look at today’s blog Making sure the workforce has the support it needs, written by Dr. James McCaffery, PhD, Senior Advisor, Training Resources Group and CapacityPlus.

The Alliance website contains many resources pertaining to this topic, such as:

As we consider the importance of leaders providing support to the social service workforce, we are also fortunate to have worker profiles of leaders who are doing just that.  Click on any of the links below:

Did you miss any of the worker profiles throughout the week?  Take a look at this flyer here that has embedded links to many of them.

The Alliance has also hosted a number of webinars related to supporting the workforce, including:

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How do directors, mentors and supervisors support the #socialservice workforce around the world?  Find out /resources/blog/sswweek-day-five-making-sure-workforce-has-support-it-needs  #SSWWeek

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