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Social Service Workforce Week - Day Three

The theme for Day Three is Preparing future social service leaders:  Education and training.
Take a look at today’s blog Leading the Way to the Future: Preparing Future Social Service Leaders, written by Dr. Nathan L. Linsk, PhD, Professor of Social Work in Family Medicine, Midwest AIDS Training and Education Center, University of Illinois at Chicago.

The Alliance website contains many resources pertaining to this topic, such as:

We are also featuring worker profiles today that shine a spotlight on various tasks and training of different types of workers related to today’s blog. They offer personal reflections on what motivates them to do this challenging work. Please take some time to read these inspiring worker profiles on our website:

And we invite you to review webinars relevant to today’s theme:

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Calling all #socialworkers, what does it take to prepare leaders? /social-service-workforce-week-day-three @IASSW-AIETS @AIHAGlobal @NASW #SSWWeek
"Leading the Way to the Future: Preparing Future Social Service Leaders" Today's blog /resources/blog/sswweek-day-three-leading-way-future-preparing-future-social-service-leaders #SSWWeek

“The design of interventions should be done in collaboration with all #socialservice partners.” /sites/default/files/HKworkerprofile.pdf #SSWWeek

From parasocialworker to BSW, Justin paves the way for #socialservice leaders in #Tanzania /sites/default/files/JSworkerprofile.pdf #SSWWeek

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