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Social Service Workforce Week - Day Two

The theme for Day Two is the SSW at the intersection of policy and practice.
Take a look at today’s blog “It Takes a Team: An example of integrating systems of care for abused children in the Philippines.” The blog provides an overview of how a multidisciplinary team program model in the Philippines bridged policy and practice.  It is written by Dr. Bernadette Madrid, Executive Director, Child Protection Unit Network, Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines.
We are also featuring worker profiles today that shine a spotlight on various tasks and training of different types of workers throughout Asia. They offer personal reflections on what motivates them to do this challenging work. Please take some time to read these inspiring worker profiles on our website:

You can view a video of the last two workers here.

And we invite you to review webinars relevant to today’s theme:

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Rosemarie and other #socialservice workers play a big role in typhoon #haiyan and disaster relief  /sites/default/files/AMworkerprofile.pdf #SSWWeek
"The needs of abused children and their families go beyond what one agency can provide." Today's blog for #SSWWeek /resources/blog/sswweek-day-two-blog-it-takes-team-example-integrating-systems-care-abused-children

Celebrate Social Service Workforce Week! Workers’ stories, blogs and more at /social-service-workforce-week-day-two  #SSWWeek
#Socialworkers at the intersection of policy and practice - check out their stories /social-service-workforce-week-day-two #SSWWeek

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