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The State of the Social Service Workforce 2016 Report: A review of five years of workforce strengthening

The annual State of the Social Service Workforce Reports from the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance aim to highlight social service workforce strengthening data and approaches by examining and analyzing unique initiatives in particular countries and identifying common challenges and trends. The reports contribute to building a stronger evidence base that will enable more effective interventions and more persuasive advocacy efforts to improve the quality of care provided to vulnerable children and families.

This second annual report, released on June 2, 2016, features information on the ways in which eight sub-Saharan countries have advanced the workforce strengthening agenda over the past five years, in terms of efforts to better plan, develop and support the workforce. The significant progress that has occurred illustrates the potential value of joint consideration and analysis of critical workforce issues for individual countries. Reflecting on the nature of these developments allows policy makers and practitioners to note lessons learned and identify a contextualized, feasible path forward.

The report was released at the 3rd Annual Global Social Service Workforce Alliance Symposium.

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A press release was also issued.