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Alliance Resources

The Alliance has developed, collated or collaborated on a number of resources to raise the profile of the social service workforce through greater understanding and appreciation of the composition and role of the workforce. The Alliance has also compiled data to show trends and the importance of an adequate workforce to address needs of vulnerable groups. Alliance members and others are encouraged to use these tools to advocate for greater planning, development and support of the workforce.

Background Information

State of the Social Service Workforce Reports

Regional Workforce Reviews

The purpose of regional, multi-country reviews, undertaken by UNICEF Regional Offices and the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, is to provide an overview of the current status of the social service workforce in the region and to identify good and promising practices for workforce strengthening, in order to inform advocacy, legal, policy and strategy development, and investment. Each report was compiled through a participatory mapping process outlined in the Social Service Workforce Mapping Toolkit.

Other Reports and Toolkits


The Alliance has held six annual symposia to bring attention to data and trends affecting the social service workforce. Alliance Symposia bring together diverse stakeholders to exchange knowledge and discuss ways to strengthen this workforce. View the full recordings, event summaries and presentations.

Additional Resources

Advocacy Tools

  • A Call to Action for Strengthening the SSWA Call to Action: Strengthening the Social Service Workforce to Better Protect Children and Achieve the SDGs is an advocacy document intended for government and decision-makers. It includes country level and global level recommended actions for strengthening the social service workforce. To date, 35 organizations have added their logo in support of workforce strengthening efforts. Download the Call to Action in English and Spanish.
  • The Global Advocacy Toolkit for the Social Service Workforce provides advocates with a common set of tools and messages with which to bring about greater political and programmatic priority for strengthening the social service workforce. It includes infographics, case studies, fact sheets and worksheets for advocacy, which can be used individually or together. Download the full toolkit from our website.