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Co-building a New Eco-Social World: Leaving No One Behind

The People's Global Summit

29th June to 2nd July 2022

People's Summit: Building an Eco-Social World


The Alliance is proud to be a partner for the upcoming people’s summit: ‘Co-Building a New Eco-social World: Leaving No One Behind'. The summit, scheduled for 29 June to 2 July 2022, will bring together individuals and communities, people of lived experiences, along with global organizations to create a set of globally shared values for an eco-social world that leaves no one behind. The vision of this global summit emerges from the pandemic, the climatic crisis, and the need to co-build a new eco-social world based on values that shape policies and practices to ensure sustainability and good quality life-cycles.

The people’s global summit will provide spaces for individuals as well as for group representatives to advance their ideas and provide a platform for engagement across different cultures, diverse lived experiences, professional groups, and perspectives. All contributions will shape the Global Values Declaration for a new eco-social world that will be delivered to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum in July 2022 and will create a catalyst for further global action.

We invite you to join us in working together towards creating a new eco-social world as we emerge from the pandemic. Anyone can be a part of this.

Join the people’s global summit by registering here.  

Submit a contribution for the summit by 15 February 2022. 

Ways to Contribute

The people’s summit invites everyone to share and advance their ideas and contributions to shape the Global Values Declaration for a new eco-social world. The summit platform provides spaces for engagement and global conversation across cultures, diverse lived experiences, professional groups, and perspectives. 

People are invited to share values of their communities’ programs, social movements, indigenous rituals, culture and knowledge, academic work, personal experiences, etc. in the form of:

  • Academic Presentations
  • Blogs
  • Dances, Songs
  • Interviews
  • Panel Discussions
  • Pechakucha presentations
  • Poetry, spoken word
  • Posters
  • Research Findings
  • Storytelling
  • Ted Talks style presentation
  • Tik tok style video
  • Workshops
  • Other

A summary of your contribution needs to be submitted for review and acceptance before 15th February 2022. Learn more.