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Case Management Standards

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Nicole Brown
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Case Management Standards

What case management standards are available at the national and global levels?

This question was raised during the recent webinar on case management for group input.

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Natia Partskhaladze
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Case management standards are informed by the principles of case management, including reflecting key child rights instruments and principles (e.g., Best Interests of the Child). Examples of standards for case management can be found within the National Association of Social Workers Standards for Case Management. One example of a standard could be related to assessment: Standard 5. Assessment The social work case manager shall engage clients— and, when appropriate, other members of client systems—in an ongoing information-gathering and decision-making process to help clients identify their goals, strengths, and challenges.

Each program or implementer of case management can use the key principles and core components of their case management activity inform the development of standards. Standards address qualifications, ethical practices, engagement of clients, record keeping and professional development.

In addition, the The Minimum Standards for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action provides minimum standards for case management in standard 15 (pages 135- 142)

* This response was provided by the Alliance Case Management Interest Group sub-group co-chairs Kelley Bunkers and Severine Chevrel.