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Cross-border case management

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Nicole Brown
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Cross-border case management

Can you address the issues related to cross-border case management and include relevant resources in the Compendium?

This question was raised during the recent webinar on case management for group input.

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Natia Partskhaladze
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One central component for effective cross border case management is to ensure transnational coordination with standard operating procedures including data sharing and information management protocols agreed upon between government and non-government actors with the different countries involved. An example of guidance for cross border case management can be found in On the Move Alone (OMA): A Practical Tool for Case Management of Unaccompanied Migrant Children in southern Africa, Save the Children, 2018.

* This response was provided by the Alliance Case Management Interest Group sub-group co-chairs Kelley Bunkers and Severine Chevrel. 

Madam Wivine SI...
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Dear Madam,I was very delighted about this issue. I may address this issue by recommending a control of borders.