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How are you helping to address COVID-19?

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Nicole Brown
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How are you helping to address COVID-19?

How are you, as a frontline social service worker, helping to address the COVID-19 pandemic? We invite you to share your story with others here so we can learn from and adapt these experiences while recognizing your important work.

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tonya Slawinski
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I am training social workers on best practices.  I would like to enter a discussion with social workers globally to understand what is considered best practice throughout the world 

Marjorie Rodriguez
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Been providing support through online /call to frontliners   While providing technical support and assistance  in terms of preparedness/prevention and mitigation and recovery measures among our local leaders in our community and advocacy on safety measures as well (on a voluntary basis).  

Ganesh Rajapure
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 During the stress period and complete lockdown circumstances. we have conducted online workshops and meetings with CBOs. The awarness and sesitisation  related activities have been done through it.  Pl visit following link to understand more on how we have responsed to the Covid 19