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Information management system use in the case management

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Nicole Brown
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Information management system use in the case management

How useful is the Information Management System in the case management? What are some examples of Information Management Systems people are successfully using?

This question was raised during the recent webinar on case management for group input.

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Natia Partskhaladze
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An information management system can:

·       support case workers to record and keep track of the actions taken and know what action is needed for each case, including dates for follow-up or visits, referrals made etc.

·       Ensure no case is missed or forgotten

·       provide an overview of the whole caseload for each caseworker and facilitates monitoring for supervisors

·       provide trends in activities and protection issues can be analysed.

It is recommended where there is likely to be a high volume of cases to cope with the amount of information.

All Information Management System should be accompanied with clear data protection and sharing protocols and all case workers should be trained on these.

* This response was provided by the Alliance Case Management Interest Group sub-group co-chairs Kelley Bunkers and Severine Chevrel. 

Elayn Sammon
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The Child Status Index (CSI)provides a framework for identifying the needs of children, creating individualized goal-directed service plans for use in monitoring the well-being of children and households, and program-level monitoring and planning at the local level.The mobile appis a technology solution which supports CSI.