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New technologies to provide support to social workforce

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Frederic Baele
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New technologies to provide support to social workforce

Most of the people involved in the social workforce are non-professionals. Some will benefit from in-house trainings that are specific and more related to "standard operating procedures" (managing situation) than social work in leading change. Levels of training are uneven. Professional support from peer and hierarchy is also extremely important in a sector where experience and collective-intelligence is key to address situation.In many countries there is little to no opportunity for field staff to network, get support or training. With Goal we are interested in looking at the opportunity internet and cell-phone based support could provide in:- providing information to social workforce (access to knowledge/ rules...)- providing a platform where social workforce can discuss and get support/ intelligence from peers (+remote support by a team of administrator/ professionals)I'ld be interested in hearing from experiences both in the social sector and in other sectors (education, e-health, livelihood/agriculture, banking...).We have the intention to start working on it in Kenya & India.Thanks for contributing,FredĀ