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Social Service System Impact - SSWWeek Day One

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Nicole Brown
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Social Service System Impact - SSWWeek Day One

Why do you think the social service workforce is a vital component of making the social service system function and generate the best outcomes for vulnerable children and families?

Please share your comments as part of the Day One discussion topic for Social Service Workforce Week, September 26. You can read the blog on this topic and other blogs for the week HERE.

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Jennifer Kaberi
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Sustainable Development Goals have been refered as another opportunity to ensure that our children prosper in a protected planet. All 17 goals are geared at ensuring children thrive and become productive members of the society in a protective environment. Social Workers are the wheels needed to deliver the SDGs to the most vulnerable which includes children. They are the backbone of the child protection system. If the social workforce collapses, the child protection system collapses, and we will not be able to achieve the global goals. Hence the need for:

  • Qualified- a social workforce that has been well trained 
  • Quantity- A good ratio of social workers to to client
  • Quality- Training is important but needs to be standardized


Jennifer Kaberi
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While other sectors need material things to produce, for example engineers need building materials to build a building, mechanics need machinery, farmers need seeds, social welfare needs social workers to produce. Social Workers are the intervention to ensure that the society and especialy children have a positive outcome. Numerouse reports show that an increase in qualified and motivated social service workers results in a reduction in violence against children due to increased access to services, quicker respose time and protective measures.