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Community Caregivers: The Backbone for Accessible Care and Support

This report presents a synthesis of the results of a four-country research project undertaken in Ethiopia, Malawi, South Africa and Zambia on the development of community and home-based care (CHBC) in the context of HIV. The research was commissioned by the Caregivers Acton Network (CAN) in 2011 to...

Pathways to Protection – Referral mechanisms and case management for vulnerable children in Eastern and Southern Africa

This discussion paper puts forward a set of lessons learned and recommendations for referral mechanisms and case management for vulnerable children in the Eastern and Southern Africa region (ESAR).

Remuneration and Social Protection for Caregivers in the Context of HIV and AIDS

This policy briefing provides background and rationale for the recommendations that governments, donors, and international institutions should include costs and strategies for the remuneration of caregivers in budgets, program plans, and technical guidance related to their role in the response to...

Situational Analysis of the Twinning Center Para-Social Worker Training Program

CapacityPlus conducted a situational analysis of a para-social worker training program in three country contexts. This analysis validated that the twinning model is adaptable and should be employed to build a cadre of para-social workers at the local level. The analysis also provides the needed...