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Using a systems perspective to examine child protection systems and practice: A scoping review on child abandonment and institutionalisation in the Maghreb

The Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco (including Western Sahara), Tunisia) has high rates of child maltreatment and child abandonment, leading to high rates of child institutionalisation. This review aims to provide an estimate of the prevalence of children in institutions in the...

State of the Social Service Workforce Report 2018: Trends and Recommendations for Strengthening the Social Service Workforce

This 4th annual report consolidates trends and data from 32 countries to make recommendations for better planning, development and support to this frontline workforce.

Residential Child and Youth Care in a Developing World - Middle East and Asia

Readers are offered glimpses of what child protection and child care looks like in this region.

Ending Violence in Childhood

A total of 75% of the world's children have experienced some form of violence. This report makes recommendations for addressing the issue through local action to promote child rights and prevent violence.

On the Fast-Track to End AIDS by 2030: Focus on location and population

The 2015 World AIDS Day report, Focus on location and population, includes 50+ examples of how countries are getting on the Fast-Track. It shows how governments are working with community groups and international partners to scale up health and social services to reach more people.