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New Zealand

Social Workers and Disaster Management: An Aotearoa New Zealand Perspective

In many parts of the world, social workers have long supported disaster responses although in Aotearoa New Zealand, social work is not generally considered an essential component of disaster management. Promoting the development of safer, less vulnerable communities, is however a key activity for...

Toolkit on Mapping Legal, Health and Social Services Responses to Child Maltreatment

This toolkit contains tips, recommended practices and resources for academics and decision-makers in child protection who are interested in conducting national or regional surveillance of agency response to child maltreatment and child maltreatment incidence through the collection of administrative...

Ending Violence in Childhood

A total of 75% of the world's children have experienced some form of violence. This report makes recommendations for addressing the issue through local action to promote child rights and prevent violence.

Migrant Social Workers' Experience in New Zealand: Education and supervision issues

Social work has recently featured a mobile workforce, joining other professions in having members navigate the opportunities and challenges posed by working and living in countries other than their country of birth and the country where they obtained their professional qualifications. Local data on...

Workload and Casework Review: Qualitative review of social worker caseload, casework and workload management

This report is a review of findings of social worker caseload, casework and workload management from frontline staff in child, youth and family service programs in New Zealand.

Global Agenda for Social Work and Social Development: Voice of the Social Work Educators from Asia

This article reviews the challenges of social work education and practice in the Asian and Pacific regions and suggests possible steps to realize the goals of the global agenda in the context of those countries.

Effective Parenting Programmes: A Review of the Effectiveness of Parenting Programmes for the Parents of Vulnerable Children

This authoritative report by the Families Commission reviews the evidence on the effectiveness of parenting programmes, as a way of reducing the risk of maltreatment of vulnerable children aged 0–6 years. We looked at both national and international evidence to identify parenting programmes that...