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Protection, Provision, Participation and Prevention: Upholding the 4P’s of Children’s Rights during COVID-19

The fifth in the series of COVID Learning Reports from The International COVID 4P Log Project, this report presents the key findings concerning best practices and innovations; challenges; and lessons learned and recommended actions for supporting children’s wellbeing during and post-COVID-19 ...

Best Practices, Challenges, Lessons Learned, and Innovations in Supporting Children’s Wellbeing During COVID-19: Insights from the Philippines

The fourth in the series of COVID Learning Reports from The International COVID 4P Log Project, this report provides an overview of the findings gathered from the 48 respondents representing the Philippines in the last quarter of 2020.

ASEAN Regional Workshop on Social Service Workforce Strengthening

An overview of global standards, current status of social work, legislation and policies that exist, financial needs and a declaration for next steps.

Combining Training with Job Security to Improve the Quality of the Childcare Workforce

This country brief from the Philippines analyzes nationally supported training efforts to improve the knowledge and skills of personnel, as well as local efforts to address working conditions and job security.

State of the Social Service Workforce 2018

This 4th annual report consolidates trends and data from 32 countries to make recommendations for better planning, development and support to this frontline workforce.

What Works to End Violence Against Children? Seven things we have learned

Systems strengthening including through strengthened work of community child protection groups and stronger child protection systems are among successful strategies for ending violence against children.

State of the Social Service Workforce Report 2017: Stories of Workforce Efforts to Address Violence Against Children

In this third annual report, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance highlights the many ways that the social service workforce positively impacts the lives of children and families affected by violence.

Shock-Responsive Social Protection Systems Research

This synthesis report highlights the key ways in which social protection systems may contribute to mitigate the effect of, or respond to, large-scale shocks.

Guidelines on Children's Reintegration

The Guidelines provide practical guidance for effective reintegration that can help organizations to design high quality programs; measure impact; train practitioners; and pursue national level systemic change in support of reintegration.

Social Protection for Informal Workers in Asia

Case studies from several countries in Asia provide examples of designing and delivering social protection programs for informal sector workers.