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United Kingdom (Great Britain)

An Independent Review of the Scottish Early Learning and Children Workforce and Out of School Care Workforce

This report identifies and makes recommendations on how the skills, qualifications and training of staff working within the early learning and childcare and out of school care sectors, from birth to age 14, can contribute to improved outcomes for children, help to reduce social inequality and close...

Literature Review of the Roles and Issues within the Social Work Profession in England

This review aims to help inform efforts to oversee the regulation of social workers in England and accrediting voluntary registers for care occupations through identification of research on the variety of roles and contexts in which social workers work.

Social Work Education in England 2009 - 2014

This report reviews trends and numbers of students enrolling in social work higher education courses in England between the academic years 2009-10 and 2012-13. The report also includes those graduating students who secure employment in the field.

Family and Parenting Support: Policy and Provision in a Global Context

This study reviews existing policies, models of provision and understandings of family and parenting support in different settings. It examines support to families in the context of broader policies, national goals and systems and provides and analytical framework for future research and policy...

Approaching Outreach Work

As part of the process of developing Outreach Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), it has become clear that despite variation in outreach activities and drop-in centers, there is a clear approach to outreach which is common across Retrak. This reflects the international approach to outreach in...

Rethinking Place and the Social Work Office in the Delivery of Children’s Social Work Services

Social work practices in England were evaluated from 2009-2012 to determine how the office environment may affect children’s perceptions of receiving care at out-of-home sites.  

Contemporary Issues in the Public Management of Social Services in Europe - Leadership and management in social services

The European Social Network’s (ESN) working group on Leadership, Performance and Innovation was set up in the wake of the economic crisis in Europe. It brought together senior managers of public social services at local and regional level to evaluate both the impact of and the responses to the...

The Munro Review of Child Protection: Final Report

The report provides final recommendations to reform the child protection system in the UK in order to create the conditions that enable professionals to make the best judgments about the help to give to children, young people and families.