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Viet Nam

ASEAN Regional Guidance on “Empowering Women and Children: Delivering Quality Social Work Services for Those at Risk of or Affected by Violence

This Regional Guidance aims to support policymakers and members of the social service workforce and allied sectors in The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Member States  to design and deliver quality social work services for women and children at risk of or who have experienced...

Factors Influencing Child Protection Competence of Social Workers in Hanoi, Vietnam

This study aimed to determine factors influencing child protection competence of social workers in social service institutions providing child protection services in Hanoi, Vietnam and measure the influence of these factors on their child protection competence.

Legal Review on Social Work in the Criminal Justice System

Globally, social workers have a critical role in assisting criminal proceedings conducting authorities to provide tailored support to each child in contact with the justice system, may they be alleged offenders, victims, or witnesses. In Viet Nam, while social work is viewed as a profession and has...

2023 State of the Social Service Workforce Report: A Decade of Progress, A Future of Promise

The Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference: Investing in Those Who Care for Children, held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010, is often recognized as the launch of a global movement to strengthen the social service workforce and to develop stronger, more effective social service systems.

Strengthening mental health and psychosocial support systems and services for children and adolescents in the East Asia and Pacific region

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to strengthen mental health and psychosocial support (MHPSS) systems and services for children and young people in the East Asia and Pacific region.  Children, adolescents and caregivers already faced significant challenges in accessing the mental...

ASEAN Regional Workshop on Social Service Workforce Strengthening

An overview of global standards, current status of social work, legislation and policies that exist, financial needs and a declaration for next steps.

State of the Social Service Workforce Report 2018: Trends and Recommendations for Strengthening the Social Service Workforce

This 4th annual report consolidates trends and data from 32 countries to make recommendations for better planning, development and support to this frontline workforce.

Ending Violence in Childhood

A total of 75% of the world's children have experienced some form of violence. This report makes recommendations for addressing the issue through local action to promote child rights and prevent violence.

Let Me Be Me! Better care for LGBTI* children

The intent of this working paper is to improve practice in the area of LGBTI* children in care. This paper contains three sections that cover research and tools; interviews; and practice examples.

Alternative Child Care and Deinstitutionalisation in Asia: Findings of a desk review

This report includes findings from a desk review of 140 reports that aims to show efforts being made toward childcare reform and deinstitutionalisation in the continent. It includes information on the social service workforce's capacity and training toward these efforts.