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We welcome you to become a member of the Alliance (free). Please review the membership criteria, responsibilities and benefits and then register here. If you have any questions or experience any problems during the registration process, please contact us. We also invite you to read what our members have to say about the importance of the work of the Alliance and add your voice of support.

Membership Criteria

An organization or individual interested in Alliance membership should meet the following criteria:

  • Interest in supporting and promoting the aims and general principles of the Alliance as outlined in the vision, mission and objectives of the organization
  • Involvement in the area of social service programs or initiatives
  • A commitment to interagency collaboration in order to engage in Alliance initiatives, such as knowledge generation and dissemination and advocacy for workforce-supportive policy reforms or other ways.

Membership engagement

Member responsibilities for engaging with global colleagues through the Alliance include:

  • Supporting and promoting the mission and values of the Alliance
  • Participating in the network by sharing tools and reports, collaborating with other members through interest groups, joining advocacy initiatives or other activities
  • Acting in a collaborative and transparent manner with other Alliance members.

Membership Benefits

Membership in the Alliance brings opportunities for active engagement in social service workforce strengthening. Specific benefits include opportunities to:

  • Receive and contribute to monthly Alliance e-updates that highlight social service workforce strengthening tools, resources, models and best practices and advertise events 
  • Participate in Alliance webinars and forums on current issues relevant to the global social service workforce
  • Network and connect with other organizations and individuals working in the field of social service workforce strengthening through participation in the Alliance interest groups, attendance at Alliance sponsored events and forums, or connecting through the member portal on the website
  • Take leadership on key social service workforce issue areas through Alliance interest groups and governance bodies
  • Amplify your voice by joining with others on policy advocacy aimed at strengthening the social service workforce.
  • Opportunities to promote your work or your organizations work through submitting resources, worker profiles or blogs

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If you have any questions or experience any problems during the registration process, please contact us.

Voices of Support from Members

“It is impossible to transform the lives of the poor and the vulnerable without a well-trained, adequately equipped and motivated workforce. The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance provides an opportunity for the workforce to learn from and encourage one another as we work towards the realization of sustainable social change.”
Janestic Twikirize, Lecturer, Makerere University,Uganda

“The Alliance is transforming the way we think about the role the workforce plays in changing lives for the better. It is an essential partner for all interested in strengthening the sustainability of systems of care and protection for the most vulnerable.”
Philip Goldman, President, Maestral International, L.L.C., U.S.

“New challenges call for new strategies and this is why it is very critical to have a strong social workforce at this time. I would, therefore, urge all to take full advantage of the platform that the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance is providing us.”
Charles Abbey, Executive Director, African Development Programme (ADP), Global Vice President, International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW), Ghana

“The Tanzania Association of Social Workers aims to unite social workers, link them to the external social work professional community, promote issues of professional concern and enhance knowledge. Despite the key roles played by social workers, they are challenged by a number of constraints including limited resources and lack of supportive policy and regulations. Efforts to strengthen the social workforce in the country mutually reinforce those of the association.”
Zena Mnasi, Chairperson, TASWO, Tanzania

Congratulations on the formation of the Global Alliance, linking social service workers around the world! I have been privileged to visit workers and programs in over 40 countries. I believe social services work is poised for a giant step forward, and the Global Alliance can assist immeasurably in pulling all of the professions together in innovative partnerships and globally appropriate and sustainable ways.”
James Anglin, Professor, School of Child and Youth Care, University of Victoria, Canada

"Child cases need quick response and if the chain of this response has ill-trained staff, we cannot have the ability to adequately achieve child development."
Annet Nabuuma, Probation and Social Welfare Officer, Mpigi district, Uganda

“The participation of the social service workforce in the broad justice field is paramount, in particular in the collective efforts to protect children in the justice systems. Without the assistance of social services, juvenile justice systems will fail in their mission to prevent offences, protect and rehabilitate children in conflict with the law. Synergies between the two should be further exploited.”
Séverine Joliat, Coordinator of the Interagency Panel on Juvenile Justice  

"Communities have advocacy groups that are causing the increase in people's demand for social services. Adequate government response to people’s development expectations requires a strong social welfare workforce."
Grace Mayanja, Chief of Party for SUNRISE-OVC, a USAID funded project that strengthens Uganda's government systems to effectively deliver child protection services

“When we have an efficient, skilled and motivated social service workforce in our communities and its functioning well, children and their families have access to an array of quality services that promote their well-being and protection from harm, abuse and exploitation.”
Bernice Manamolela, Social Welfare Officer, Lesotho,

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