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The MANDELA Model Workbook

The MANDELA model, developed by Dr. Prospera Tedam, seeks to provide a framework for practice educators who are enabling the learning of social work students in practice placement settings. The Model aims to drive change and promote new ways of thinking and working with infants, young children,...

Disability Inclusive Child Protection Competency Framework for the Social Service Workforce

The Disability Inclusive Child Protection Competency Framework for the Social Service Workforce (DICP Competency Framework) presents the competencies needed by the social service workforce (SSW) for child protection to deliver their functions in disability-inclusive and accessible ways.

Guidelines on Communicating with Children and Young People - Recommendations from Care Experienced Persons in Care

The purpose of these guidelines is to support practitioners to develop messaging for children and young people that clearly communicates the intention to transition and the implications for children and young people in care. The guidelines seek to address challenges so that children and young...

Insights from Moldova: Role of Targeted Economic Support in Reintegration of Children

In September 2022, Changing the Way We Care (CTWWC) launched an initiative to provide targeted economic support to assist the reintegration of children into families or placement into family based alternative care. Informed by previous experiences in reintegration and information captured in the...

Investing in Family Care for Moldova’s Future: The Case for Meeting Moldova's Human Capital Needs

The Investing in Family Care for Moldova’s Future presents the case for investing in a more child-centered social welfare system in Moldova and provides specific estimates on the resources needed including an estimate of the resources required to fund the spectrum of programs and services Moldova...

Financing Family Strengthening and Child Protection Services in the Context of Moldova - EU Association Agenda: 2023 Financing for Better Care Conference Report

This first International Conference on Financing of Family Strengthening and Child Protection Services in the Context of Moldova’s European Union Association Agenda held in Chisinau from 20-21 June 2023 has been a focused discussion between central and local government, non-governmental, private...

4 Cs of Workforce Development: Culture, Competency, Capacity, & Community

The webinar, from the U.S. National Child Welfare Workforce Institute, offered actionable steps agencies can take to support employee wellness, professional development, and community partnerships. Ultimately, this will promote workforce wellness and positive outcomes for families connected to...

Client Violence towards Childcare Workers: A Systematic Literature Review

Client violence against childcare workers is a relevant problem due to its impact on their well-being and the service they provide due to their significant role in the child protection process. This study explored violence against childcare workers using a systematic literature review.

Breaking the Cycle: Reclaiming Hope and Belonging for Youth Leaving Institutional Care in Uganda

This is a youth-led, accessible video series accompanied by a guidebook. It is designed to identify, address, and support the healing journey for children, young people, and youth in Uganda experiencing well-being and mental health adversity.