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Nurturing Care Handbook

The World Health Organization and UNICEF in collaboration with partners have developed the Nurturing Care Handbook. Like the Nurturing Care Framework, the Handbook is organized around five strategic actions. There is a separate guide for each and Start Here is designed to work in combination with...

Participatory Evaluation Toolkit

Family for Every Child's new Participatory Evaluation Toolkit places the knowledge and experience of local Civil Society Orangisations (CSOs) at its centre. It offers an alternative to traditional evaluation dynamics, by drawing on the strength of local solutions. 

The Ubuntu Practitioner: Social Work Perspectives

In most communities and countries in sub-Saharan Africa, ubuntu has been and is being practiced as part of African ethics. In a significant number of literature, African ethics is described as a set of values distinctively associated with largely black African people residing in sub-Saharan Africa...

Referral of sexual violence against children: How do children and caregivers use a formal child protection mechanism in Harare, Zimbabwe?

Despite widespread expansion of policies to prevent and respond to violence over the past three decades, sexual violence against children remains common globally. Zimbabwe has expansive legal and policy frameworks to prevent, and formal services to respond to, sexual violence. Yet evidence is...

Disability-Inclusive Sustainable Services: The Role of Social Workers

Over the years, social workers have played diverse roles in engaging individuals, groups, families, communities, and organisations in their quest to promote overall well-being. However, persons with disabilities (PWDs) continue to face several challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic adds a layer to their...

Progress of the social service professions in South Africa's developmental social welfare system: Social work, and child and youth care work

This paper examines the progress of the social service professions delivering developmental social welfare in South Africa, a subject we have followed closely over the last 20 years. Being policy-driven, developmental social welfare stemmed from expert social analyses that resulted in technically...

Parents’ and Teachers’ Expectations of School Social Workers

In parallel with research focusing on the effectiveness of students and teachers, the content and impact of school social work have come to the forefront of international research discourses. In the Hungarian public education system, teachers had previously carried out social assistance tasks, but...

Proposed Guidance for Costing the Social Service Workforce

Adequate investment in the social service workforce ensures that people in need can receive social services that are of sufficient quality to uphold their rights, promote their well-being and help them achieve their full potential.

Proposed Guidance on Developing Minimum Social Service Workforce Ratios

An adequately planned, developed, and supported social service workforce is critical to enable equitable access to social protection and basic social welfare for all, in both development and humanitarian contexts.

Social Service Workers in Health Facilities

Their Role in Addressing Social and Other Determinants of Health Among Children and Families