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Standard Operating Procedures for Family Reintegration

Retrak has developed its Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which provide practical guidance on implementing the Retrak model of successfully returning street children to safe homes in families and communities, where each child feels a sense of belonging through a secure attachment to caring...

Children’s Act Guide for Child and Youth Care Workers

The guide is written for child and youth care workers (CYCWs) and it focuses on the parts of the South Africa Children’s Act that are most relevant to them. This is an updated edition of the guide which contains extra information for professionals who provide services to children living and working...

Baseline Survey on Community Child Protection Systems in Uganda

This report describes the process, findings and recommendations of the baseline survey for the project titled, “Building and Strengthening Community-Based Child Protection Systems in Busoga and Acholi sub-regions” commissioned by ANPPCAN. Based on the findings several recommendations for...

Working Together for Change: Making developmental partnerships work

In 2004, STOP AIDS NOW!, a partnership between Aids Fonds, ICCO, Cordaid, Hivos, and Oxfam Novib, was looking for ways to more effectively address the needs of orphans and other vulnerable children in South Africa. To do this, the five Dutch STOP AIDS NOW! Partners as well as two other Dutch...

A Social Service Innovation: Planning, Developing and Supporting the Child and Youth Care Workforce

I am the Deputy Director of the National Association of Child Care Workers in South Africa, and recently led a session on social service innovation at our 19th Biennial Conference. I focused on planning, developing, and supporting the child and youth care workforce.

Preventing Violence: Evaluating outcomes of parenting programmes

This publication seeks to increase understanding of the need for, and the process of, conducting outcome evaluations of parenting programs in low- and middle-income countries.

A Better Way to Protect ALL Children: The theory and practice of child protection systems, Conference Report

This document is the final report from the conference “A Better Way to Protect ALL Children: The theory and practice of child protection systems” that was held in India in November 2012. The conference built on the recent conceptual and practical work to better understand and reform child...

Pathways to Protection – Referral mechanisms and case management for vulnerable children in Eastern and Southern Africa

This discussion paper puts forward a set of lessons learned and recommendations for referral mechanisms and case management for vulnerable children in the Eastern and Southern Africa region (ESAR).

Learning About Children in Urban Slums

Learning About Children in Urban Slums: A Rapid Ethnographic Study in Two Urban Slums of Mombasa of Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms and their Linkage with the Kenyan National Child Protection System presents outcomes of a research study to learn about community-based child protection...

Building Protection and Resilience: Synergies for child protection systems and children affected by HIV and AIDS

This paper presents findings from a study commissioned by the Inter Agency Task Team on Children affected by HIV and AIDS.