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Activating Co-production of Rural Service Delivery: Examining the Role of Nonprofit Organizations Using a Case Study in China

Although co-production between the government and society can improve service outcomes, the two parties may lack the willingness and the capacity to cooperate. Can nonprofit organizations play an active role in facilitating government–citizen co-production? If so, how? The role of nonprofits in...

Integrating the Global Agenda of Social Work and Social Development in the Republic of Cyprus

Cyprus is a nation of great history, old and new, that makes up a controversial and often stressful environment in which social work is practiced. The intent of this paper is to highlight the Cypriot context and discuss how the Global Agenda is integrated in it.

Child Protection in Rwanda: A situation analysis

Every child without distinction by gender or any other characteristic has the right to grow up free from violence, exploitation, abuse, neglect and harmful practices. This right is embedded in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) and multiple Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets.

Enhancing Community Care: Social Services A Force for Change

The European Social Network (ESN) has been actively working on community care since 2008 at European and national level advising public administrations across Europe. In 2011, they launched ‘Developing Community Care’ a publication which was the result of a Working Group on this theme that ran for...

2023 State of the Social Service Workforce Report: A Decade of Progress, A Future of Promise

The Social Welfare Workforce Strengthening Conference: Investing in Those Who Care for Children, held in Cape Town, South Africa in 2010, is often recognized as the launch of a global movement to strengthen the social service workforce and to develop stronger, more effective social service systems.

Journal of the Australian Library and Information Association: Social Work in Libraries Special Issue

To raise awareness of the possibilities for Australian libraries to include some form of social work practice to assist them in meeting the complex needs of many of their visitors, the Charles Sturt University library social work team hosted a Social Work in Libraries Symposium in 2022. Following...

The MANDELA Model Workbook

The MANDELA model, developed by Dr. Prospera Tedam, seeks to provide a framework for practice educators who are enabling the learning of social work students in practice placement settings. The Model aims to drive change and promote new ways of thinking and working with infants, young children,...

Community Mental Health Good Practice Guide: Inclusive Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) in Humanitarian Emergencies

This document provides guidance on inclusive MHPSS programming in humanitarian emergencies. It is designed to highlight essential frameworks and principles, and the need for robust and sustainable MHPSS programming, rather than to provide detailed MHPSS technical guidance.

The Ubuntu Practitioner: Social Work Perspectives

In most communities and countries in sub-Saharan Africa, ubuntu has been and is being practiced as part of African ethics. In a significant number of literature, African ethics is described as a set of values distinctively associated with largely black African people residing in sub-Saharan Africa...

Proposed Guidance for Costing the Social Service Workforce

Adequate investment in the social service workforce ensures that people in need can receive social services that are of sufficient quality to uphold their rights, promote their well-being and help them achieve their full potential.