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Alliance Takes Steps toward Growth, Independence

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The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance and IntraHealth International are proud to announce that the Tides Center will become the new host and fiscal sponsorImage of Glabal Alliance and Tides Merger of the Alliance effective July 15, 2016.

The Alliance is an influential and effective advocate for social service workers and systems around the world. It strives for a world where a well-planned, trained and supported social service workforce helps those in need improve their lives. The Alliance works with individuals and organizations at the local, regional and international levels to strengthen the social service workforce.

With participation and support from a broad range of participating organizations and a strong and diverse steering committee, the Alliance has grown to include more than 900 members representing 87 countries. IntraHealth has acted as host and fiscal sponsor to the Alliance since its launch three years ago. Both entities are committed to improving the health and well-being of vulnerable populations through stronger workforces.

The new host represents a shift toward greater independence for the Alliance. The Tides Center is specifically designed to act as a fiscal sponsor to networks and start-up groups similar to the Alliance. It has experience supporting global networks, works with a vast array of donors and has highly developed fiscal sponsorship support structures. The Tides Center is positioned to help the Alliance achieve its goals of continued growth and organizational independence. The Alliance looks forward to increased partnerships, new members and expanding projects.

The Alliance is thankful to its 900 members for their efforts to strengthen the provision of social services in their countries and to raise awareness of the important role social service workers play in their communities. Social service workers are critical to creating protective environments for healthy development and well-being by alleviating poverty; reducing discrimination; facilitating access to essential services; promoting social justice; and preventing and responding to violence, abuse, exploitation, neglect and family separation.

Collaboration with IntraHealth will remain important to the work of the Alliance. We will continue to work together to build the capacity of social service workers and systematically link social and health services. IntraHealth and the Alliance will continue to work together under the 4Children Project, led by Catholic Relief Services and funded by the United Stated Agency for International Development through the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) to improve the health and well-being of orphans and vulnerable children affected by HIV, AIDS and other adversities.

Please direct any queries to: Amy Bess, Director, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance,