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Celebrating Child and Youth Care Worker Week, May 6-10

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CYCW logo 2019Suggested resources for learning more and highlighting the important role of child and youth care workers:


Monday May 6 - What is Child and Youth Care?



Tuesday, May 7 - Child and Youth Care Standards of Practice, Certification and Professionalism in North America


Wednesday, May 8 - Global Perspectives in Child and Youth Care


Thursday, May 9 - Child and Youth Care in Residential Care

Video:Simon Walsh 


Do We Really Want Compliance? A conversation with Dr. Lorraine Fox, Sep 28th, 2016
Transitioning Home
An audio-drama online. “This podcast is a story. Many stories. Our stories. Fictionalized. About living and working in shelters. And how we ended up in them.”
Transitioning Home has six episodes.


It was made by a group of young queer, trans, racialized, and straight folks who have lived in the Toronto shelter system. Or didn’t, because staying away seemed safer. We also invited in some supportive not-so-young-folks who provided technical support, raised funds, did some acting, and helped make this project happen.


The stories in the episodes come out of our experiences in the shelter system. They also come out of our hopes. Our hopes for safe, anti-racist, queer & trans positive, accessible, and affirming services for all marginalized people who are homeless, street involved, or need to get away. There is far more that we want, and don’t want, and many of us are actively working towards these goals. You’ll get a sense of what we think could work, and what we know doesn’t, by listening to the episodes.

While the stories are based on our lives and experiences, none of the stories are any one person’s. Characters are composites of ourselves, our friends, our colleagues, our families, those we’ve lived with (some of whom were decidedly not our friends), and those we would like to see working with us.”

The Catastrophe of Compliance (Lorraine Fox)
A Framework for Understanding and Practice in Residential Group Care (Jim Anglin)
Newbury, J. & Vachon, W. (2019). Community settings, outreach and youth engagement. In K. Gharabaghi, & G. Charles, (Eds.) Child and Youth Care Across Sectors: Canadian Perspectives, Vol. 1: Canadian Perspectives. Toronto, ON:Canadian Scholars.
Graham, J., Hightower, J. & Vachon, W. (2018). Transitioning from home, to Home: Ethics, safety, and aesthetics in community art creation. Relational Child and Youth Care Practices, 31(2), 51-60.


Friday, May 10 - Thinking Critically About Child and Youth Care Practice



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