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The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance Celebrates Its Launch

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The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance officially launched on June 6. The Alliance is comprised of a collaborative network of stakeholders who will help address key social service workforce issues. 

A well-planned, well-trained and well-supported social service workforce can effectively deliver services to improve the lives of vulnerable populations. However, a number of challenges confront this workforce and limit its ability to create protective environments for children and families who face poverty, discrimination, violence and exploitation in their daily lives. 

In its mission, the Alliance recognizes the key challenges facing this workforce and aims to promote the knowledge and evidence, resources and tools and political will and action needed to address them, especially within low to middle income countries.  

“The social service workforce is critical for creating protective environments for healthy development and well-being and tackling poverty; promoting social justice; ensuring protection from violence, abuse, exploitation and neglect; and providing needed services to care for and support those who need it most,” commented Ummuro Adano of Management Sciences for Health, a steering committee member of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance. 

This observation, along with many others provided from organizations and individuals committed to strengthening the social service workforce worldwide, set the stage for the launch of the Alliance during two webinars held on June 6 and 7. 

During the launch webinar, Amy Bess, Alliance coordinator, described how to become involved in the work of the Alliance and introduced participants to the new Global Social Service Workforce Alliance website, which will act as a platform for information-sharing and advocacy. Through the website, future Alliance members can register to become a member.  Members can contribute to knowledge on the social service workforce through the Alliance’s Resource Database and monthly e-updates, connect with others through the social service webinar series and interest groups and join others in advocacy efforts. 

For those looking to be a part of the global movement to strengthen this key workforce, the Alliance welcomes you to become a member and work with others to help realize this vision.

View a recording of the launch here.

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