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Caseworker’s Guidebook: Case Management for Reintegration of Children into Family or Community Based Care

This Guidebook is intended to help in determining the course of action, streamline the process, and standardize the way state and non-state service providers promote family- and community-based care and protection for children outside of parental care. The intention in developing this package is to provide a general framework of agreed principles, considerations, steps, and procedures, along with a vital road map for effective case management that leads to successful reintegration of children back into families or communities. 

This Guide is a part of a package of resources and tools: Caseworker Toolkit, Facilitator Guide, and Caseworker Training Presentation. The package should be read together with the Guidelines on Child Protection Case Management and Referral and Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children in Kenya for a standardized and harmonized approach to ensure the wellbeing of all children in Kenya. The package is also intended to offer a valuable tool for policy makers, program designers, and practitioners to help them acquire solid guidance for safe and effective reintegration of children.

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