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Early Childhood Matters - Advances in early childhood development

This resource is a compilation of articles on topics related to early childhood development during COVID-19. The 'Scaling' section explores the implementation of diverse early childhood policies and programmes in different parts of the world and the challenges that must be considered when working at scale. This section also highlights the importance of incorporating mental health as a priority policy in early childhood health and care systems. The ‘Innovations’ section gathers valuable experiences that explore the challenges specific to working with ethnic minorities and highly vulnerable groups in ways that promote fairness and inclusion. Several articles discuss how service providers responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by rapidly finding new solutions, including the use of new technologies, to minimise interruptions to vital services and gaps in access to information and knowledge. The final section, ‘Global impressions’, shares critical actions to ensure children’s well-being in today's context. Available in English and Spanish.

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