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The Evidence Matrix for the Social Service Workforce

The Evidence Matrix compiles available evidence on social service workforce strengthening and is a product of the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance Building Evidence for Social Service Workforce Strengthening Interest Group. The matrix was developed using key words and accessing multiple data libraries and search engines to explore academic and grey literature as it relates to the Framework for Strengthening the Social Service Workforce Alliance. This document is meant to be a "living" document to which people can continue to contribute.  If you have documents to add, please send them to us by logging on and using the contribution form.  We also invite your input on these suggestions from the full report and on the evidence matrix by posting a comment here, initiating a discussion on the discussion board (note you must be a member to post comments or discussion topics) or emailing the Alliance.

Jini Roby, Global Social Service Workforce Alliance
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Gray literature
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