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Health Workforce Policy and Management in the Context of the COVID-19 Pandemic Response - Interim guidance

This guide consolidates COVID-19 guidance for human resources for health managers and policy-makers at national, subnational and facility levels to design, manage and preserve the workforce necessary to manage the COVID-19 pandemic and maintain essential health services. The guide identifies recommendations at individual, management, organizational and system levels. Lessons and guidance are applicable to the social service workforce delivering essential services during COVID-19.

The guidance covers the following domains:

  • Supporting and protecting health workers
  • Strengthening and optimizing health workforce teams
  • Increasing capacity and strategic health worker deployment
  • Health system human resources strengthening

The specific needs of female health workers and of those with greater vulnerability due to age, ethnicity, social determinants of health or disabling conditions should be addressed, including in relation to safety issues, decent working conditions and equal opportunities. The costs involved in scaling up and appropriately supporting the health workforce for the COVID-19 response represent an investment in building health workforce capacity that will not only support health systems in the immediate response, but also form a foundation for global health security in the future.

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