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How Patron-Client Relationships Influence Children’s Reintegration: Key Learnings Drawn From Kinnected Myanmar Social Work Practitioners

There are a range of factors that case workers supporting children’s reintegration out of residential care need to consider and assess for to ensure reintegration is safe, effective, and pursued in a way that is in the best interests of children. Much attention has been paid to the importance of conducting rigorous child and family assessments and to facilitating family reconnection prior to reunification. This video explores a lesser-known factor, that also has a strong impact on children’s reintegration in many contexts; the influence of patron-client relationships formed between orphanage directors and the families of children in care.

In this video, Kinnected Myanmar Senior Social Worker, Htoo Say, describes the nature of patron-client relationships and gives examples of how they influence the participation of directors and families in the reintegration process. In addition, she shares critical insights into how the Kinnected Myanmar social workers learnt to navigate these relationships to facilitate children’s reintegration and promote their best interests.

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