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The Impact of Community Caregivers on OVC in Côte d’Ivoire

This is a PowerPoint presentation by Kendra Blackett-Dibinga, Save the Children, from the April 2014 Symposium “Supporting Families, Building a Better Tomorrow for Children: The Role of the Social Service Workforce” hosted by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance.  The presentation presents the impact of Community Caregivers (CC) on orphans and vulnerable children in Côte d’Ivoire and makes the case for expansion and uptake of para social workers to better meet the needs of vulnerable children.  The presentation reports on the results of a research study that aimed to investigate the CC impact on access to health care and social services for the vulnerable children and families Côte d’Ivoire, understand the support needs or barriers that CC must overcome to provide quality care to vulnerable children and their families and  identify a way forward for this workforce after the project ends.

Kendra Blackett-Dibinga, Save the Children
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