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The Inshuti z’Umuryango Stories from the Field: Emmanuel and Genevieve

This case study details,how IZU Emmanuel and Genevieve supported a young person living with disabilities in Kamonyi district, Rwanda.

The IZU programme was initiated in 2016 as an innovative approach to decentralising the child protection workforce to community-level, and the cadre now comprises the frontline of Rwanda’s child protection system. 


  • The IZU are mandated as the frontline workers conducting the initial assessment of a child or adolescent’s situation. An important part of this role relies on their ability to identify the strengths and challenges that children and adolescents face. 
  • During their orientation training, IZU learn how to identify community assets and resources to support vulnerable children and adolescents 
  • In this case study, the child-centered partnership approach was critical in order to identify and support Ollie’s needs and wishes 
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