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Inter-agency Child Protection Case Management Data Protection and Information Sharing Protocol

The purpose of this Data Protection and Information Sharing Protocol (DPISP or Protocol) is to provide specific guidance to enable an agreement to be reached on data protection
and information sharing in the context of inter-agency child protection case management. 

This Protocol establishes agreed-upon guiding principles and specific provisions on data protection. It also details appropriate practices for data protection, including the safe, secure, and ethical collection, processing, storage, sharing and destruction of personal and non-personal data of vulnerable children in accordance with each participant’s applicable data protection framework. 

‘Participants’ refers to child protection agencies who are signatories to this protocol. This Protocol further describes the specific data points to be collected and shared by participants, on a need-to-know basis, with whom and under what circumstances, for what purpose, and based on an appropriate legitimate basis. These principles and provisions serve the objective of protecting against and mitigating potential risks to children and their families by ensuring the correct use and processing of data and information in the implementation of child protection case management. 

Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action
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