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Leadership Academy for Middle Managers (LAMM): Coaching manual

The Leadership Academy for Middle Managers (LAMM) seeks to develop leadership skills for sustainable systems change to improve outcomes for children, youth, and families. Funded by the Children’s Bureau and part of the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI), the LAMM facilitates leadership development of child welfare middle managers across the country who work in public and tribal child welfare systems and in private agencies that provide services traditionally provided by state child welfare agencies. In Spring, 2011 the LAMM initiated a comprehensive coaching program for LAMM participants, consisting of three components: Readiness Coaching, Residential Coaching, and Post-Residential Coaching. This coaching program was designed to help middle managers develop, improve, and sustain a Change Initiative (CI) that could be a program-, organization-, or community-focused intervention benefitting children and families. The intent of the LAMM Coaching Manual is to describe the elements of a successful and effective LAMM coaching program.

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