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Learning About Children in Urban Slums

Learning About Children in Urban Slums: A Rapid Ethnographic Study in Two Urban Slums of Mombasa of Community-based Child Protection Mechanisms and their Linkage with the Kenyan National Child Protection System presents outcomes of a research study to learn about community-based child protection processes and mechanisms in two urban slums in Mombasa, Kenya. This research is part of a wider, inter-agency learning initiative that aims to contribute to strengthening the national child protection system in Kenya. A series of recommendations addresses ways to change the way in which child protection practitioners work and have significant implications for efforts to strengthen the national child protection system in Kenya. Broadly, the paper suggests that child protection practitioners will need to work in a holistic manner on issues of sexuality, education, parenting, and livelihoods in a context of strengthening social cohesion processes of collective planning and action.

Kostelny, K., Wessells, M., Chabeda-Barthe, J, & Ondoro, K
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Gray literature
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