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Practical Information and Guidance for Integration of MNCH and HIV Programs within a Continuum of Health and Social Services

The continued vulnerability of women and children demonstrates that moving away from vertical programs and towards MNCH and HIV integration with the incorporation of both health and social service programs is an important step to improve outcomes. This resource meets a need to compile evidence and information on MNCH and HIV integration and provides a step-by-step guide for policymakers and program planners interested in family centered, integrated services. This technical brief is intended to foster discussion about integration across the continuum of response. It is divided into two sections. The first summarizes various integration models and strategies, the evidence, and information surrounding the continuum of response, family-centered programs, and policy for MNCH and HIV integration. It also includes guidance for establishing a referral network linking health and social services. The second section provides step-by-step practical guidance for program planners on the design, implementation, and monitoring process.

Duffy, Malia H, AIDS Support and Technical Assistance Resources
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