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Research Activities of Students as a Way to Prepare Them for Social Work: Adopting Foreign Experience in Ukraine

The article outlines some drawbacks of research training for social workers in Ukraine. To improve it, one should consider the main characteristics of such training in West European countries, given that they are exemplary in terms of social security. With the help of differential and comparative-typological analysis, the article singles out methodical aspects which social work training in Ukraine lacks and, therefore, suggests relevant recommendations for enhancing research activities of future social workers. Besides, it proves that the reforming of research training implies diversifying forms of research activities, as well as bringing them together with industrial placements and educational autonomy of students. At the same time, research activities should be a cross-cutting component in the context of applying interactive, information and project-based methods of teaching and learning. The international relevance of the article lies in identifying areas of research and related activities in the leading European countries. This can be a starting point for improving education systems in the post-Soviet countries in which there is a pronounced divergence between instructional, theoretical and research activities within social work training.

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