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Resource Compendium for Integration of Early Childhood Development into Programs for Children Orphaned or Made Vulnerable by HIV

In order to support OVC practitioners beyond documentation, 4Children has developed a user-friendly compendium of current resources, information and job aids for early childhood care, stimulation and education. The compendium begins with a brief overview of the importance of the early childhood period generally, and more specifically, its importance for HIV-impacted infants, children and families. Following this overview, there is discussion about ECD job aids, that is, various tools, visuals, tips and suggestions, and how they can be applied via platforms and entry points such as clinical health care, family case management and home visits, early childhood education and parenting programs. The compendium presents ideas on 1) how to select the right job aid(s) for your program, 2) how to integrate job aids into programming, and 3) contextualizing content for your program, country and other considerations. The compendium is then divided into sections that may be used separately or viewed together.

4Children, Catholic Relief Services
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