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Routine Monitoring Systems for Integrated Community Case Management Programs: Lessons from 18 countries in sub–Saharan Africa

Integrated community case management (iCCM) programs are expanding rapidly in many low– and middle–income countries, particularly in sub–Saharan Africa. This paper aims to synthesize lessons learned from recent experience developing and implementing systems for routine monitoring of large scale iCCM programs. These lessons were compiled from the primary partners supporting iCCM implementation across 18 countries in sub–Saharan Africa through interviews with monitoring focal persons and review of relevant documents and tools and informed by literature on strengthening routine health information systems more broadly.

Tanya Guenther, Yolanda Barberá Laínez, Nicholas P Oliphant, Martin Dale, Serge Raharison, Laura Miller, Geoffrey Namara, and Theresa Diaz
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Journal article - open access
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