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Standardized social work methods and strategies in the roles of child protection workers: A report from Kuwaitis Child Protection Workers

Protection workers around the world are faced with methods and strategies to protect children at risk. Therefore, this article aims to identify the methods that are applied in the State of Kuwait by workers in the field of child protection in hospitals and community police, as well as the Kuwaiti Development Office. In-depth, semi-structured interviews were conducted on 12 workers. The study utilized the qualitative approach, employing phenomenology as a research design. The data gathering technique involves conducting a comprehensive in-depth interview and performing analysis through the utilization of NVivo software. The results showed that there are different methods used to protect children, the interviews also revealed that the counseling service is provided through the Social Development Office and that there is a demand from hospital workers to provide counseling services. The results also showed that there is no unified safety plan in place. The study suggests working on standardized methods for working with children at risk, through assessment, trauma-informed care, as well as proper planning for children's safety.

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Nourah Almutairi
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Journal article - open access
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