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Uganda Child Protection National Training Curriculum

This document provides an overview of the National Child Protection Curriculum developed in Uganda. The development of this Child Protection Curriculum and related training materials is recognized as a first step by the Ministry of Gender, the Ministry of Labour and Social Development, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Child Protection Working Group in Uganda, and selected academic institutions to professionalize the child protection sector within the broader realm of social service workforce development in Uganda. Curricula were developed at three different levels: 1) a 9-month Child Protection Certificate for secondary school (‘O’ level) graduates who would like to build careers in child protection, including as community volunteers and child carers; 2) a 3-month staggered Post Graduate Certificate in Child Protection Theory and Practice for in-service trainees and related professionals already working in the field of child protection; and 3) a course unit on Child Protection to be integrated into an existing social work (or related) university degree program for those new to the field.

Uganda Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development
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