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Voices of Children & Young People Around the World: Global Child Helpline Data from 2021

Child helplines have a unique insight into the gap between policy and reality, making them a key actor in advocating for children’s rights. They support millions of children every year. They respond to issues ranging from serious children’s rights violations, to children who just want someone to chat to on the way home from school. What brings child helplines together is the provision of an easily accessible, confidential system that allows children themselves to tell a counsellor what is going on in their lives. Child helplines also have an insight into the direct experiences of children and young people on a larger scale than any other organisations. Therefore, the value of child helplines’ data on contacts cannot be overstated in informing and guiding policy, learning and practice.

In order to understand the issues faced by the children and young people who get in touch with child helplines, Child Helpline International interviews members around the world every year to gather information about the contacts they receive. This report provides an overview of the information recieved for 2021. 

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