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Social Service Workforce Strengthening Symposium April 29, 2014


Supporting Families, Building a Better Tomorrow for Children: 

The Role of the Social Service Workforce

 April 29, 2014

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 The Symposium was intended to contribute to the growing body of knowledge regarding the role of the social service workforce in promoting strong families and better futures for children.  Expert presenters discussed current initiatives underway to strengthen the social service workforce and improve systems and services that keep families and children at the heart of the work and promote wellbeing, protection and healthy development. 

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  • Panel 2: How Social Service Workers Support and Equip Community Members Engaged in Child Protection
  • Panel 3: How Social Service Workers Promote Integrated Service Strategies by Linking Institutions, Communities and Families
      • Moderator: Dr. Jim McCaffery, Alliance Steering Committee Chairperson and Senior Advisor, TRG and CapacityPlus
      • Ms. Joyce Nakuta, Deputy Director, Ministry of Social Welfare, Namibia
      • Ms. Patience Ndlovu, Bantwana Initiative Country Director, Zimbabwe
      • Dr. Bernadette Madrid, Executive Director, Child Protection Unit Network, Philippine General Hospital, University of the Philippines
      • (note the third panel was held in discussion format and there were no PowerPoints)


Hosted by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance

Sponsored by PEPFAR/USAID and the National Association of Social Workers Foundation

 Symposium Sponsors