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Social Service Workforce Week 2021

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Every year, the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance hosts Social Service Workforce Week. The week serves as an opportunity for advocates to bring attention to and build support for the social service workforce as well as raise awareness about promising workforce strengthening efforts supported by stakeholders around the world. 

With the world experiencing more protracted conflicts, more frequent climate-related disasters and more severe and widespread disease outbreaks, most notably the current COVID-19 pandemic, social service workers have increasingly been playing key roles in helping people and communities prepare, adapt and respond. This year, we will draw attention to these essential roles. We will also explore how the role of the social service workforce has changed, and how social service workers have adapted, as such emergencies have become more frequent and widespread.

Blog Posts

Worker Profiles

Our full collection of worker profiles can be found on the Defining the Social Service Workforce page of our website.

Ways to Advocate and Celebrate

As a global network, we rely heavily on our members and the public to advance our advocacy efforts. Throughout the week, help us increase attention and support for the social service workforce by:

  • Posting content on social media: Share the pre-written content and graphic found below throughout your social media channels or post your own content using the hashtag#SSWWeek (be sure to tag @SSWAlliance).  You may also share/retweet a post from our Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. 
  • Sharing resources and blog content: Each day, we will post blog content and social service worker profiles on this page. Share the content across your networks.
  • Contributing additional content or resources: Submit additional resources or content related to the role of the social service workforce in emergency preparedness and response for inclusion in our resource database or as a future blog post.   
  • Encouraging colleagues to become members: The Alliance supports a growing network of more than 3,000 individual members affiliated with a range of organizations and institutions across 145 countries. Increasing and diversifying our membership allows us to continue to build a movement to strengthen and advocate for the social service workforce.

Social Media Content

  • This week is #SSWWeek! With more protracted #conflict, more frequent #climate-related disasters & more severe and widespread #disease outbreaks, #socialservice workers have been in the front lines of service response. Join us and @SSWAlliance in recognizing their critical role.
  • #Socialservice workers have continually had to adapt their practice as crises and emergencies have become more frequent and more widespread. Learn more throughout #SSWWeek:
  • The level of #resilience in a community determines the level of impact that a #disaster will have. #Socialservice workers play a critical role not only in disaster response but in disaster preparedness as well. #SSWWeek#climatechange Learn more:
  • #Socialservice workers play a critical role in building the #resilience of communities impacted by disasters. This is increasingly important with #climatechange. This #SSWWeek we join @SSWAlliance in bringing attention to that important role. Learn more:
  • #Socialservice workers have been essential in mitigating the impact of #COVID19 on communities and will continue to be essential in preparing for and mitigating the impact of future crises. Share if you agree! #SSWWeek. @SSWAlliance
  • This #SSWWeek we join @SSWAlliance in recognizing the increasingly important role of the #socialservice workforce in emergency response and preparedness, particularly in light of #COVID19 and #climatechange. Learn more:


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Social Service Workforce Week is made possible through the generous support of the American people through the U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance, under Partnerships Plus cooperative agreement number 7200AA18CA00032, funded September 28, 2018, and implemented by JSI Research & Training Institute, Inc. The contents are the responsibility of Global Social Service Workforce Alliance and do not necessarily reflect the views of USAID or the United States Government.